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When Reorganization Makes Sense

About UsWe bring a unique combination of legal & financial expertise to the bankruptcy field.  This integration of skills is rare in the legal field, but often invaluable for reaching consensus with creditors and achieving a successful reorganization.   Read more about our expertise, here.

When A Business Bankruptcy Makes Sense

Emerging From the Recession. Even now, many businesses are still recovering from the Great Recession. This can be particularly frustrating if business operations have improved, but certain creditors are unwilling make even reasonable adjustment to repayment terms. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a means to bring all parties to the table, and to facilitate negotiation.  Chapter 11 can often prevent a single creditor from controlling the fate of all other parties in interest.    

Cash Crunch. For many businesses, profitability may be attainable, but immediate cash flow is the problem. Nothing will impact operations faster than inadequate working capital. Sometimes it’s just a question of restructuring payment and negotiating some breathing room.

When Chapter 11 Has The Most Value:

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