Creditor’s Rights

Protecting Your Interests

We bring a unique combination of legal & financial expertise to the bankruptcy field. We have experience representing clients from almost all perspectives within bankruptcy. Understanding the “end game” is critical when evaluating a creditor’s options.  While it may not have occurred yet, bankruptcy always looms in the background of any negotiations with a debtor. Whether arranging a forbearance agreement, pursuing collections, or representing you in bankruptcy, we can help protect a creditor’s interests.  Read more about our expertise, here.


  • Forbearance Agreements
  • Loan Modification
  • Foreclosure Proceedings
  • Mediation
  • Pre-Bankruptcy Planning
  • Pre-Bankruptcy Negotiation
  • Lien Perfection

In Bankruptcy

  • Representation of Secured & Unsecured Creditors in Bankruptcy
  • Motion For Adequate Protection / Relief From Stay
  • Motion to Dismiss or Convert
  • Motion to Appoint a Chapter 11 Trustee
  • Opposition to Approval of Disclosure Statement
  • Objection to Confirmation of Chapter 11 Plan
  • Advising on/opposing the sale of assets (§363 Motions) 
  • Denial of Discharge (§727) / Exception to Discharge (§523)
  • Avoidance Actions (Preferences/Fraudulent Conveyances)

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